It all started at the merch table at First Avenue

The mailing list that I used to launch this newsletter, Faux Jean’s Friday Love-In, was begun in the year 2000. (There were a lot of hotmail addresses in there, I tell ya.)

At the merch table at Faux Jean shows, there’d be a clipboard that had a pen attached to it with a g-string (from a guitar, silly!) and one could sign up to be on the Faux Jean list, which would get you bi-weekly (or so) updates on what was going on with our artistic project. The list got pretty big and that was great, because we had previously relied on the United States Post Office to let folks know when we were playing by sending out post-cards. And the USPS guys gotta get paid!

So email was a revelation at the time. This financial burden of sharing awareness of our art was cast away like so many chains. And then Facebook came along. (Raises fist and curses into the void.)

Skip forward a decade and a half…

I started subscribing to a few newsletters which come out on Friday, and I found myself looking forward to opening my spam box on Fridays for some light-hearted but insightful diversions about art, the creative process, what’s happening in the culture presently, etc. And so I says to myself, Imma do that too. Like, let’s have a conversation.

I will share poems, songs, stories, journals, and cool art and readings I find. And I am also coming out as a visual artist in this new endeavor. I hope we can swap stories and learn from each other.

I’m really shooting for every Tuesday.

I’m a feller who needs a deadline. So each week I’m going to share musings from things I learned along the way and am still learning (I think.) I tend to scoff at the cult of vulnerability, but there might be a little of that in there too.

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Faux Jean
Faux Jean is an artist (singer, composer, painter, poet) who muses about the poetic existence.