California Über Alles


Faux Luvas,

Long time, no correspondence!

What’s it been, 7 years?

In case you spaced…

In the year 2000, I started collecting email addresses at Faux Jean shows to create a contact list that would help me and my band (also called Faux Jean) overthrow the mainstream hegemony of Clear Channel and various other malefactors determined to undermine the flow of lo-fi, under-funded jangle-pop (dare I say, power pop) from the same heartland waters that brought the world Bob Dylan, Hüsker Dü, Prince and the Replacements.

Needless to say, I failed. Sure, Clear Channel no longer exists on paper, but the malefactors seem to continue to wield their deep-pocketed power.

Further, most of the emails that I managed to gather while traveling around the USA and playing shows were obtained before the hegemony of Google; that is to say, the email list from which I am launching this newsletter is heavy on and addresses; that is to say, digital ghosts and specters.

If you received this email at one of these archaic-seeming addresses, I appreciate your stick-with-it-ness and loyalty. Really impressive. You are not a ghost and we value you.

So I, Faux Jean, have moved to California in the midst of this pandemic with my wife and two kids, because my wife, who just became a Doctor of Philosophy, recently started a job at the University of California. My kids asked me what I was a doctor of, and I told them I was a Doctor of Jangle Pop. California Über Alles is jangle pop masquerading as punk.

Imma keep this short.

Go listen to a Faux Jean song or two, please. My ego says thank you.


Faux Jean