Hot August Night

Set List Reveal

How do, Faux friends?

The first record album I ever fell in love with was Hot August Night by Neil Diamond. It was recorded on August 24, 1972. I was 3 and a half on that day.

When I was four and a half, I‘d ask my mom to put it on while she worked in the garden or did housework. I’d look at Neil and pretend I was playing along, and she could leave me alone except to come and flip the record every so often. It is etched in my mind (Though the “Porcupine Pie” side gets less play.) for real.

And now, 49 years after that recording and 43 miles south-south-east of the Greek Theater in Los Angeles where it was recorded, I am going to try to make my own Hot August Night happen. (#hotFauxSummer?)

In Irvine, California, the new headquarters of Faux Jean Int’l.

All this to say: I am so very excited to play a show this Saturday, August 14, 2021.

In public.

My first time dangling the ego-slash-muse since March of 2019.

That’s a long time with no stage time for a ham like Faux Jean.


My last scheduled show was January of 2020 and that was canceled because it was 25 below for an entire week in Madison, WI. (Brien, correct me if I’m wrong.)

And then the pandemic.

And then the mid-pandemic move to California.

Saturday August 14, 2021 will not be 25 below in Southern California.

It could rain. (Not terribly likely, but, you know…)

There could be a fire or an earthquake. (Locusts?)

But this gig will not be canceled due to extreme cold.

I’m going to try to capture it digitally and share it somehow, but I’m not overthinking it.

You’ll be among the first to know.

Here’s the poster for the gig:

I am an artist in captivity.

I have deputized a few Fake Journeymen to play some of the set with me. Nelly Jean will play beatbox (cajon) for a few selections, and Scruffy Gene Squire will be playing harmonica on them there songs too. (That’s Zach Nelson of the Clef Hangers, a group from UNC, and Kurt Squire, formerly of the Mary Janes from Bloomington Indiana.

I am quite excited.

Here is the set list that got out of control. I’ll probably only play 50 songs, realistically, but this is the vibe we’re working with.

  1. O Listen!

  2. You Are A Machine

  3. My Gift for You

  4. This land is your land (Guthrie)

  5. Corinna Corinna (Trad/Dyan)

  6. Poopy Pants

  7. Leitmotif

  8. My Greatest Sin *

  9. Gotta Get Up (Nilsson)

  10. As Long As We’re Alive

  11. I’ll Waste Away

  12. Set the World On Fire (Ink Spots)

  13. Jaded/Believe

  14. 4 seasons

  15. Act Naturally (Buck)

  16. Bye Bye Love (Everlys)

  17. Nature

  18. Drop D

  19. Powderhorn Park

  20. The Way You Say Goodnight (MAG Fields)

  21. What’s not to love?

  22. Halloween dance

  23. You were the one / Big Believer

  24. Be Free and Do Not Die

  25. I willingly submit to your Tyranny

  26. The Boy from New York City (Ad-libs)*

  27. BumbleBee

  28. Street fighting man (stones)*

  29. It’s a free Country

  30. Go get fixed

  31. Mediocre Gatsby

  32. Laptop excursion (every breath (Police))/30k feet

  33. Couldn’t Believe it’s true (Willie)

  34. When You Were Mine (Prince)

  35. Androgynous (Replacements)

  36. When Will I be Loved (Everlys)

  37. I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick)

  38. 59th Street Bridge Song (S&G)

  39. There She Goes (La’s)

  40. What goes on (velvets)

  41. Oh Yoko (Lennon)

  42. Fisherman’s Blues (Waterboys)

  43. Blowin’ in the Wind (Dylan)

  44. Like A Rolling Stone (Dylan)

  45. Jackie O (Coug)

  46. Fake Blood and Sweat 

  47. Dü the Watüsi

  48. KLOTL

  49. Get up

  50. You can sing in your underwear

  51. Let it rain

  52. Summer of hate

  53. Dream about Sharks

  54. O! Canada

  55. She Comes from Money

  56. Everyday / well all right (Holly)

  57. You make lovin fun (MAC)

  58. File it away 

  59. Chartreuse

  60. Her movie

  61. Mrs Jean

  62. Race-baiting jailbait race

  63. Pillow Talk / A hole in my Ozone

  64. Hey!

  65. Winter’s So Long

  66. She’s my Baby

  67. We used to kill the communists

  68. Get With That

  69. The Moon is a Dead Lover

  70. File it Away

  71. Unintouch

  72. Can we stop the war machine

  73. Did she have a dream?

  74. The normal way

  75. Another Day In Paradise

  76. Higher Ground (Wonder)

  77. Satisfaction (stones)

  78. I know it’s over (smiths)

  79. Grapevine (Gaye)

  80. Girl From the North Country (Dylan)

  81. I had an idea and it was all wrong

  82. House on Fire

  83. The Good fight

  84. Long Dissed

  85. C’mon now

  86. Giant Robot

  87. Bane

  88. Martha

  89. Stranger to the Blade

  90. Fatal Bert

  91. Steppin’ Stone (monkees)

  92. Down to the well

  93. Haircut

  94. That don’t mean that I love you

  95. Hey Mom! Wake Up!

  96. 100.Let it rain

  97. 101.Let’s Have some fun!

  98. 102.I think that it’s apparent

  99. 103.If at the time

  100. 104.I’m so mad at myself

  101. 105. Alone (and so)

  102. 106. Pisces

  103. 107.Rene

  104. 108.P.O’d City 

  105. 109. I think about you all of the time

  106. 110. This might sound odd

  107. 111.Love is in the Air

  108. 112.Waiting on the 17

  109. 113.Of the fruit

  110. 114.Sitting in the dark

  111. 115.Various Expectations

  112. 116.Tired of trying blues

  113. 117.Lasto

  114. 118.Lazy

  115. 119.Ballad of the Man Ray Quints

  116. 120.Jean Duluth Jenny

  117. 121.Girlfriend Again

  118. 122.Fast friends

  119. 123.Everybody Dies

  120. 124.Come and Get your 45s

  121. 125.Too Shy to Ask

  122. 126.This is a song

  123. 127.Sophisticated

  124. 128.Thrift

  125. 129.Don’t walk away from love

  126. 130.Drama club

  127. 131.Lachrymal

  128. 132.I’m so mad at myself

  129. 133.Girlfriend Again

  130. Sometimes you change your mind

Alrighty then, you like lists too, eh?

I hope to see you on Saturday, and then maybe again sometime at another public place where I share my art and you participate somehow, possibly by sharing your art or energy. Gosh, maybe people will dance even.

Art is therapy.

Promenade home.


Faux Jean