Give me a C

A bouncy C

Hi Fauxs,

Does anyone remember that Martin Short skit on SNL where he’s an old songwriter and the shtick is, at the slightest provocation, when he thinks he might have a good idea for a song, he stands up and bellows “Give me a C, a bouncy C” and then he starts ad libbing a song passionately which peters out after the first few lines, and he sits back down, muttering dejectedly? Yeah, that was awesome.

I am currently working on a song that is a G—a bouncy G. I’ve been walking the dog in the mornings and listening to the basic tracks on my AirPods (the caps are not mine) as I try to work out the lyrics (while also trying to suppress the urge to dance). And gosh darn it, I love being an old songwriter with a bouncy G. Working titles for this song are “It’s a free country (that’s what they say)” and “I fought the lore (and the lore won.)” (So cheesy, I know.) This song was first demoed in June of 2019, but it seems like now is the time to get this bouncy G moving again, as I hope to release another record before the end of the year. The song is in DADGAD, which, if you haven’t tried, is a beautiful place to linger.

Ahem. As you might recall, I released a new album on 4/20. As you might also know, today is Bandcamp Friday, which means that Bandcamp, the world’s premiere indie1 music site, waives their fees for all artists and lets the artists keep all of their earnings (less credit card processing fees, methinks) when nice people purchase their music on the website. I do feel that I would be remiss, if I were to let this day pass and not make you aware of the fact that “My First Foray Into Fireworks (and how I failed)” is available for purchase on this “Bandcamp” website. And all of the money (I have dollar signs in my eyes, literally) goes directly to moi, Faux Jean. It’s 7$, though you can pay more, if your relationship to money is less fraught than my own.

There, I said it. I’ve made my attempt to promote myself and get your Monet. Are we good? Cool. Don’t even get me started of NFTs.

Before I sign off, however, I do want to share with y’all three of my favorite newsletters that come out on Fridays (with greater regularity than this one), that kind of inspired me to fire up this machinery.

Austin Kleon

Ann Friedman

Prof G

I don’t know why, but I just like checking the email on Friday and seeing them in my inbox.




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