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You just made my day!! Thank you, Faux Jean <3 <3 <3 I've always loved this song and totally dig the electric piano riff that made it onto Aquarius. And now I love it even more because of your beloved Grandpa Schindler and how your sadness led to the fun, entrepreneurial Mini-Marriage experience.

My 4th grade Halloween costume led to a similar uprising when I turned my flower girl dress into a bridal gown, which my teacher, Mrs. Bea Anderson, deemed "entirely inappropriate for a fourth grader." The class staged a revolt and held a lunch recess wedding ceremony for me and the new kid, Brad, whom I had a total crush on -- every day for a WEEK!! By Friday, it was a total mob scene and all the classes were getting involved. It became a hybrid game of Kiss or Kill, all the boys and girls chasing each other and kissing each other and dragging people off to be forcibly married. Needless to say, all the grownups -- from the playground to the Principal's office -- lost their shizzle, prompting several lectures.

I'm sure Grandpa Schilndler was watching down on you and having a good laugh when you heard wherefore from Mr. Bush.

These are the things that I'll forever be thinking about whenever I hear "Love is in the Air." Also, I'm so glad to finally know all the lyrics (said the blushing master lyrics mis-hearer...) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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I read several Valentine-themed Substacks today, and I heart yours the most.

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I appreciate that heart, David!

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